How do I register on the day?
Please come to registration on the day of your event. At registration, you will be required to give the name you used to sign up for the event online. In exchange, you will be given an envelope with your name and race number on it. You will be provided with:
  • Your race numbers (this must be on the back for bike and front for run).
  • Timing chip (this must be worn on your ankle).
  • Sticker for your bike.
  • Sticker for your helmet.
What are the distances for each event?

Sprint: 3.8km (1 lap)/19km (5 laps)/3.8km (1 lap)
Standard: 7.6km (2 laps)/38km (10 laps)/3.8km (1 lap)

What are the transition regulations?
  • Only race officials and competitors are allowed inside the transition area.
  • No riding is allowed in the transition zone.
  • You must mount your bike AFTER the mount line and dismount BEFORE the dismount line.
  • Your helmet must be fastened on your head at all times whilst you are on your bike or running through the transition area with your bike.
  • Show your race number and bike/helmet stickers are placed correctly on your equipment.
  • Show your timing chip is correctly fitted to your ankle.
  • Show your helmet fits correctly by wearing it with the strap done up.
If you are asked by marshals to show evidence of this, please be considerate as this is purely for your and other participants’ safety.
Is drafting allowed?

Drafting is strictly prohibited on the bike (BTF Drafting Explanation). Please find the link below:


Failure to abide by the race rules will consequently lead to disqualification and no finish time.

What are the minimum ages to compete?

The minimum age for the Sprint Distance is 15 years old. The minimum age for the Standard Distance is 17 years old.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Competitors must wear an approved cycling safety helmet of ANSI Z90.4, SNELL B90, EN 1078 or an equivalent national standard.

What kind of bike can I ride?

You can use any bike that is roadworthy, however, you cannot use electric bikes or tandems.

Are headphones permitted?

Audio devices are not permitted during the event. At no point should a participant wear headphones, headsets or earphones.

Will there be drink/fuel stations on course?

There will be a water station on each lap. Athletes are also welcome to set up their own fuel station on the side of the track.

Can I bring a spectator?

Our event is spectator friendly and open for family and friends to enjoy the atmosphere and cheer on duathletes. Please be aware that spectators cannot walk around the inside of the circuit.

Can my pet come and watch?

Pets are allowed in the event village, however, they must remain on a lead at all times.